Leslie McEvoy, Ph.D.

  • CEO, Director and Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding LEUVAS Therapeutics, Dr. McEvoy was an independent research and management consultant for multiple private and public biotechnology companies.  She was acting head of product development for Sutro Biopharma, acting COO for TFT Therapeutics, and senior advisor for Anges (Japan) and R&D consultant for multiple companies.  She was SVP, Research for Anesiva and Corgentech and Senior Principal Scientist/Staff Scientist at Schering-Plough Biopharma/DNAX Research Institute.    

Dr. McEvoy  is a well-rounded biotechnology executive with successful experience in discovery research, translational research, formulation, IND- and CTD-enabling pharmacology and toxicology studies, registrational strategy, FDA interactions and negotiations (IND, complex end-of-Phase 2 negotiations and pre-CTD agreement meetings), early phase, mezzanine and IPO financing, building and leading a highly integrated research, preclinical and formulation departments, partnering and new technology/product identification, and licensing and research collaborations. Her research expertise includes immunology, inflammation, leukocyte trafficking, dermatitis, IBD, and vascular biology and remodeling.

Dr. McEvoy has a PhD in molecular and cell biology and did postdoctoral training as a Eli Lilly Fellow and then in the laboratory of Dr. Eugene Butcher, Stanford School of Medicine.